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Challenges Facing True Cloud Service MSPs

Multiple challenges face organizations vying to become a true cloud MSP. Check some items that you should consider.

The Role of MSPs in the New IT Landscape

Managed Service Providers play an important role in the delivery of IT services in the future

Reflections on the future of Platform as a Service (PaaS) after Deploycon

PaaS is the next battleground in cloud computing

Can Platform as a Service (PaaS) vendors meet user expectations?

Technology vendors need to take steps to promote Platform as a Service adoption

Innovative Analytics — Changing the IT Landscape

Analytics is where the benefits of Cloud Computing are beginning to be realized

Selling Solutions to Future Generations of Enterprise IT

Selling technology solutions to future generations of enterprise IT

Strata Conference and BigData Disruptors

The BigData market is new and ripe for disruption by new players

Consolidation and IT Service Delivery

Having an optimum IT infrastructure is key to delivering services in an optimal manner

Enterprise Social Adoption Challenges

Encouraging employee social adoption in enterprises

Managing IT in an Environment of Change

Handling growth by transforming IT with converged infrastructure