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Upcoming in June: A Packed Few Days of Cloudy Information

Exciting start of the month of June – varying events related to cloud computing

Solving Cloud Computing Challenges with Fun and Games

Leveraging social networking for teaming

Cloud Computing: Peering into Analyst Predictions for 2011

Cloud computing is more prevalent among common topics of discussion for 2011

Is Amazon Building an Insurmountable Lead?

With HP, IBM and Sun(Oracle), high profile public cloud implementations are getting traction - but is Amazon out of reach?

Speed Demons: Giants Collaborate, Give Customers Rapid Results on the Cloud

Partner solutions deliver validation and trust of cloud computing platforms

Size Matters…in Computing Stacks

Combining components into one solution shows excellent benefits

Connectivity and Its Importance to Cloud Computing Solutions

Many cloud applications should be built to function in a disconnected environment

Intel’s Intelligent Buy

Acquisitions in the cloud computing arena - Intel purchase of McAfee

How Should You Follow Up on a Cloud Computing Lead?

Marketing a new hyped up technology to a suspicious audience

Cloud Computing Observations from Systems Integrators and ISVs

Partnerships and open source