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Cloud Computing Consulting

Cloud computing is a much hyped up term and the hoopla is dissuading folks from putting their toe into this very promising path for changing how information technology is delivered. While there are a lot of cost cutting benefits, the highest value is gained from improved business agility.

Customers have a variety of choices to make when taking steps into cloud computing. Some dynamics that are fundamentally changing Information Technology are social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing. You need to review your current portfolio and evaluate your options when making decisions to transforming your organization while adopting cloud computing. We can help your enterprise move in this direction by utilizing our experience in this field.

Focus is to help:


1. Understand the various aspects of this technology
2. Map business goals and objectives to cloud computing benefits
3. Identify and implement steps in gaining optimum value from this nascent technology.
4. Monitor progress towards accomplishing goals
5. Advice based on extensive experience in crafting and delivering innovative solutions to the enterprise market.

ISVs and SI’s

1. Strategy review and/or creation
2. Review current strengths and identify solution areas for portfolio addition
3. Craft marketing messages appropriate to audience
4. Assist in enabling sales teams and marketing events

Technology Providers

1. Product messaging
2. Packaging messages through multiple delivery modes e.g. video, whitepapers, podcasts and webinars
3. Competitive landscape review
4. Product direction advice
About Larry Carvalho
Robust Cloud LLC provides strategy and insight into the adaption of Cloud Computing technologies. An excellent speaker and workshop facilitator, Larry Carvalho, Principal Consultant, leads comprehensive group workshops in clarifying cloud adoption roadmaps. Larry also provides advice to technology companies on various facets of cloud computing.